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Al Jazeera America
Aug 29, 2013 4:00pm EDT
, new orleans. >> college football is set to kick off tonight, and mark morgan is live in south carolina with the preview. >> reporter: that's right. it kicks off in just over an hour. we have a live report up next. . can you say stocktopussy? but should you be made aware if you are consuming them. that's next on "consider this." >> boy, this is surprising news from the nfl. >> it is surprising and historical. the nfl and 4500 retired players have reached an agreement on the largest sports lawsuit in history. the league shelling out $765 million. the claim intentionally withheld information regarding concussions for decades so players would return to action faster. they said in a statement today. commissioner goodell and every owner gave the legal team the same direction. do the right thing for the game and the men who played it. we felt it was more critical to get help to the families who deserve it rather than many years and millions of dollars on litigation. this is built on significant changes we have made to make the game safer. i spoke to one of the plaintiffs from the lawsuit, for
Al Jazeera America
Aug 29, 2013 6:00pm EDT
. >> you know, there are, michael. south carolina has had very very passionate football fans and that has really -- that excitement and those expectations have risen throughout the time that steve purier has been here. purier has built a very very solid program. we will show you the fans filing in earlier tonight. a crowd of 80,000. again the gamecocks the hottest ticket in town. they built a very solid program here, and those expect taxes will talk more about those in a second, remember south carolina has won 11 games in the last two seasons. so expectations build every year here. and they are expected to have a terrific team this season. and again, kicking off their season this evening against north carolina. mark, let's touch on those expectations right now. therapy far the king of the s. e.c. right now, but in that eastern conference, eastern division of the s. e. c., south carolina ranks 6th in the country, a lot of people believe they can't make it to the game and challengal a.m. for that title. >> . >> yeah, i know earlier here in the off season, a couple weeks ago, steve purier sa
Aug 20, 2013 2:05am PDT
gifford and hoda kotb from charleston, south carolina. >> oh, my gosh. can you believe we made it to charleston, south carolina? the sun is peeking through and all these young and beautiful faces are here for a reason. we are on a college campus. hold on, baby. hold on. you know what, i feel very southern. hey! oh, my gosh. okay. that's a crowd. oh, i guess it's time for us to get out. i might need a hand. how's everybody? oh! oh! you know what, they know how to party in charleston. oh, my word. well, well, well. you know what i want to say, hoda? >> what? say hey y'all. ready? one, two, three. hey, y'all! hi, guys. so good to be here in gorgeous charleston, south carolina. we thought it was very, very important that we wore hats so we would fit in. >> that's right. that's right. thank you for all wearing your corsets. you like my hat? let's focus for a minute. i love your hat. we want to thank the beautiful ladies at phillips hats. i have a bone to pick with phillips. a tiny bone to pick. i like hats. i enjoy wearing hats. >> if don't you can find that fits. >> there was not a
Aug 30, 2013 4:00am PDT
sherrell's kickoff return. 109-yarder. minnesota, 24-23. >>> college football. north carolina and south carolina. south carolina gets moving way early. this touchdown in their very first possession to the third quarter now, south carolina's mike davis busts through the huddle. sprints for a touchdown. his longest ever. south carolina, 27-10. >>> how do you celebrate a torrey hunter walk-off win? prince fielder comes out swing with gum balls. and the reporter, well, couldn't avoid this water cooler bath courtesy of the catcher pena. yeah, what do you do? here's my report. >>> 736 stairs. that's a good workout. but on a unicycle? 736 stairs. a man did just that at the tv tower in prague. his old record, 299 stairs. >>> kobe bryant in rehab for his akillez surgery. a major injury at 35. sdwhat he do? he jumps 40 feet into a pool below. he sent that video out saying, hey, if i can run, i can jump. i don't know. >>> just ahead, donald trump offers miley cyrus some advice. >>> plus, new details on paul mccartney's latest project. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. welcome back.
Al Jazeera America
Aug 29, 2013 11:00pm EDT
south carolina hosting north carolina. two gamecocks led by clownmy, wildly considered the number one pick, but it was the offense that was the real start tonight. jumping out to a 17-0 lead in the first quarter. south carolina piled up nearly 400 yards of offense on the way the a 27-10 lead, before the game was delayed due do dangerous weather in the columbia area. the game would resume after a delay of an hour and a half, and south carolina would cruise from there and win by the final score of 27-10. mark, take a look at this game, there is a lot of expectations for them. >> that's true. as you said, clownny was the center of attention coming in, but it attorneys out to be the big play offense. theyed that lee touch downs of 29 yards or more. also his back up quarterback with a t.d. pass, and also mike davis the 75-yard run. he didn't dominate the game individually, but a lot of attention paid to him helped out his defense. and that was pet i primaciesive, north carolina with that hurry up offense. they scored only 10 points. >> speaking of clownny, obviously he is a tough guy to ga
FOX Business
Aug 13, 2013 7:00pm EDT
, we have a great u.s. attorney in south carolina. a fantastic ooama pointy end u.s. attorney and he decided his resources are better spent on health care fraud and mortgage fraud and they don't prosecute low-level drug dealers. let the states do it. it's an easy fix. lou: he did not designate state, local, federal, are doing the bidding of the drug cartel. especially they would make this kind of commitment. especially when it's clear that our borders are not covered. but it remains exactly where they have been. they are not being interdicted and they are not being reduced. why isn't there a discussion on the part of this administration about winning the war on drugs. the so-called war on drugs has not been successful. i will tell you that what is this alternative strategy? , look at some crime scene photos when i was a state prosecutor do to innocent human beings. he has been a prosecutor for about 20 years. he has been aging for about five years. other than letting people out of prison early, what is his strategy? >> letting people out of prison is releasing this. you have written
Aug 28, 2013 2:00pm PDT
away in the neighbors city of anderson, south carolina, are buddy rand paul taepded an event. at this event they cooked up the crazy. more than 900 people showed up to support the campaign of tea party congressman jeff duncan. less than a week ago, duncan went on right wing radio on a program and questioned president obama's quote, validity. that's right. 900 people showed up to support a birther. the republican party isn't getting better. it's getting worse in south carolina and far more extreme. tyler jones, democratic strategist joins us now. tyler, what does this signal? you've covered south carolina politics for a long time. what does this signal to you? >> well, it tells me the state of the republican party is not getting any better, like you said. it's getting much worse. the american people sent the republican party a message in 2012. the message was chill out. moderate a little bit. come back to the middle. you're getting a little bit too extreme for us. but instead of listening to that message, they doubled down on the extremism and the rhetoric. in these days the b
FOX Business
Aug 7, 2013 7:00pm EDT
obama. many south carolina voters wonder whether senator lindsay gramm is really conservative enough for them. no way, says the first female graduate of the citadel. she has decided to take 2-term senator. we introduced you to nancy next. ♪ if you've got it, you know how hard it can be to breathe anman, you know how that feels. copd includeemphema anchroc brchit. spiva a oe-day inled copdaintancereatnt thatelps opemy otrucd rwayfor full4 hos. you ow, irivhelp mereat easr. spira haihal tioium brome inlati powr does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidy problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsenith spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives,ision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry uth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? don't wai
FOX Business
Aug 7, 2013 10:00pm EDT
obama. many south carolina voters wonder whether senor lindsay gramm is really conservative enough for them. noay, says the first female graduate of the citadel. she has decided to take on the 2-term senator. we introduced you to nancy next. ♪ ♪ lou: stocks posting declines for a third straight day. the market is searching for direction after a yesterday's tapered. some anxiety, the dow down, s&p, nasdaq. 3 billion shares traded on the big board. joining me now with his outlook on these markets, global head and managing investments for city private bank. could have you with us. >> thank you so much. lou: this is such a -- it is of bond market to watch because first of all we have fed ofcials who never learned and seem to have confusion as their chief objective. what do you think? >> they have given you two different messages. one, clearly that we will be accommodative, and one that the accommodation well and. on the other hand, more recently what they're worried about is being too concerned about tapering to orleans caring the market and the fact that there will even take suppo
Aug 30, 2013 2:00am PDT
yards. minnesota, 24-23. >>> let's talk college football, north carolina and south carolina. south carolina gets moving very early. this touchdown in their very first possession. south carolina for that one, 27-10. i'm looking forward to michigan playing this weekend. 736 stairs. a good workout normally, right? >> this guy is doing on a unicycle. he's doing it in prague. he's going up a tv tower. his old record 299 stairs. >>> kobe bryant, in rehab for his achilles surgery. what does he do? >> that's smart. >> jump 40 feet into a pool. why not. >> he's 35 years old. >> i hope that dive is worth it. >>> time now for our "first look" today's political stories and for that we turn to politico. kevin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. thank you for having me. >> i want to focus on syria. the president may not need congress's authorization for limited military action but do you think it's important he acts without their support. >> i think yesterday after a 90-minute phone call with top congressional leaders the message was loud and clear from congressional leaders and that is th
Aug 12, 2013 5:00pm PDT
've been following for months. a south carolina couple is calling on federal authorities to help recover their daughter. >> we ask what are you waiting for with every passing hour, we fear more and more for her safety and well being. vermont's court appointed representative also fears for her safety. if anything should happen to our daughter while she's being left in the hands of those that are holding her captive from us, the responsibility will be shared by many. >> they raised their daughter for the first two years of her life. but 19 months ago the court ordered them to return her to her biological father in oklahoma. recently they were granted custody again, but her father did not appear. she is now with her grandparents in oklahoma. he was arrested and then released on bond. that happened today. randi kaye spoke with brown over the weekend. >> she's doing great, she's a wild kid, and very excited. full of energy. >> reporter: dustin brown talking with us for the first time about his daughter veronica, less than 72 hours before he was taken to jail for refusing to return her to her
FOX Business
Aug 10, 2013 8:00pm EDT
hand in hand with president obama on a number of issues of late. leaving south carolina republicans looking for alternatives. nancy mace says she's the woman for the job. you'll meet her here, next. right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. ouses 89% less energy.. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and formed my toffee comny through legalzoom. never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. the primary challenge against senator lindsey graham growing after the
FOX Business
Aug 11, 2013 11:00pm EDT
on a number of issues of late. leaving south carolina republicans looking for alternatives. nancy mace says she's the woman for the job. you'll meet her he, next. ñw the primary challenge against senator lindsey graham growing after the republican has en increasingly working with democrats, specifically the president, on a number of issues. state senator lee bright today unched his campaign website with an offial announcement expected next week. he's joining two other republicans including my next guest in challenging grahamfor e senate seat in 2014. joining us now is nancy mace. she's the first woman to graduate from the cidel. a candidate for the republican senate nomination in the great state of south carolina. great to have you with us. >> thank you for having me, lou. i appreciate it. >>two-term senator, a big deal. on lots of sunday talk shows. president obama and he are getting to be buddies. his best buddy is john mccain. >> right. >> what chance does a newcomer like you have in that nd of deal? >> i think we have a grt chance. i think that the people of south carolina are mor
FOX News
Aug 8, 2013 11:00pm PDT
the most city the most friendly is charleston south carolina. and the most unfriendly is ten miles west of here in newark, new jersey. i counter that by saying if you are me, this city. now, before i just jumped on these things, branson, missouri. the only thing branson has that says come see dolly pardon and her big shirt. >> we had fans from branson the other day. >> you have to look at how coded it is. if you look at the top five unfriendly, newark, oakland, new haven, detroit. those are four. atlantic city. if you look at the friendliest it is like savannah and charleston. it is about what is hospitable. the best way to see newark is from a distance, preferably the space station. this is a dishonest way of presenting this. >> i don't think this is dishonest. >> they are saying don't go to the city. >> south carolina, north carolina, texas, mississippi, colorado. i don't know, pretty red states. unfriendliest, new jersey, california, michigan. >> liberal, liberal. >> go to mississippi for vacation. >> oakland is a beautiful city that is rotten. it is rotten because of liberal policy.
Aug 15, 2013 7:00pm PDT
to returning veronica to her adoptive parents in south carolina. for the past 19 months, she's been in oklahoma with her biological father who is part cherokee. the adoptive parents are in oklahoma right now demanding to take her home with them. neither side is backing down. randi kaye joins me now. what's the latest? >> just more twists and turns to report from tulsa, oklahoma. we've been follow thing story for years. they came here, they've been desperate to get their little girl back. they hope to bring her back to south carolina and all they've found here is just more stone walling and the standoff continues. but tonight, we spoke to the attorney for the biological father. he said tonight that he is offering a face-to-face meeting with veronica and the adoptive parents. they haven't said yes, but they want to know what the circumstances are. they don't want dustin brown there, just some one on one time with veronica. i also asked the attorney, what does this mean, that he's willing to hand over custody to the couple? he said absolutely not. the attorney says his client will take this to the
FOX Business
Aug 17, 2013 10:00am EDT
the lawn your side. challenge in south carolina against lyindsey graham. joining us now senate nomination the state of south carolina, lee bright. lee, good to have you was. we're delight thad you have it's going to be fascinating. senator graham's got 6 million bucks we understand in his campaign coffers. how much have you got? >> well, we just started today, lou. thank you for having me on the show. we just got out of the gate today. we're looking to raise -- obviously we're not going to be able to rasz as much money as lindy graham but we have the truth on our side. we think we'll raise enough money to get our message out and that's what we're counting on. >> it shouldn't be based on money. it shouldn't play a role. you describe yourself, would you not, as a tea party conservative? >> well, we have a liberty caucus here in south carolina. i have 100 score with those guys with the south carolina. i have had 100 every year since i've been in the senate. i've got an a-plus with the tea party group. we've done quite well but we'd like to take our message to washington. we're going to need
FOX News
Aug 8, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. >> they are saying don't go to the city. >> south carolina, north carolina, texas, mississippi, colorado. i don't know, pretty red states. unfriendliest, new jersey, california, michigan. >> liberal, liberal. >> go to mississippi for vacation. >> oakland is a beautiful city that is rotten. it is rotten because of liberal policy. >> i want to agree with my colleague here from wherever he is from. you are right. if you look at just the crime rates i would bet you the crime rates up against you would find a direct correlation. >> and economic freedom. if you look at a person's ability to start a business and sustain. if you go to places like in the top ten you will have that opportunity plus i think the weather is great in sonoma, california. >> the weather is great in oakland. >> it is because it is unfriendly. >> right to work states. no taxation. >> that's what they stop and think about because they are happier. they don't pay taxes. they don't have to pay union dues. >> can you blame detroit for being unfriendly? >> i wouldn't want there to be a city. >> i wouldn't want to live there. also, al
Al Jazeera America
Aug 30, 2013 4:00pm EDT
with south carolina winning and ole miss and vandy playing. a great game. does the s.e.c. look as dominant as ever, specifically, of course, i'm referring to nick saban, and alabama's crimson tide. >> i think what we saw from the s.e.c. already this weekend proves that this is going to be a formidable conference. you saw vandy and ole miss play a nail biter, which was really exciting and those aren't even two of the top teams in the conference. i expect a lot out of alabama out of virginia tech. i think alabama is going to show they are the most dominant team. they are going to stop frank beamer's guys. it could be kind of violent and kind of exciting to watch if you are a bama fan, if you are a person would wants to see bama threepeat. >> if they threepeat, they will be the first team to do that. we talked about south carolina a minute ago. the ballyhooed heisman candidate made his debut in opening night. how did he look to you? >> he let us all down. you know, he said he was battling a stomach virus but he really looked a little sluggish, a little out of shape and took some plays off. he
Comedy Central
Aug 14, 2013 11:30pm PDT
character represents the fifth district in south carolina. my home state great place. >> i was recently there. stephen: okay. but he's a democrat. you are a white democrat from south carolina. is this the show that's got the dragons in it too? because this seems like fantasy to me. i'm from there, buddy. who dreamt that up and what were they smoking? >> well, i don't know what they were smoking. but i hope they smoked at least two of them to get there. look, it's obviously a fictional show because it's also a congress [bleep] gets done. >> stephen: is your character focused on the important stuff like repealing obama care? is there any votes on that yet? >> in our first season we passed an education bill. >> stephen: yeah. amazing. stephen: did this make politics appealing to you all in anyway? >> do you have a bucket? stephen: are you going to drop in all the reasons why? the reason i ask is that i'm not an actor but i know some hollywood folk. and i've met a lot of washington people. and which do you think is is more self-centered hollywood or washington because it's been said that wa
Aug 30, 2013 2:30am PDT
-20. college football season is officially under way and we start with north carolina at sixth rank south carolina. the gamecocks heisman candidate looking sluggish after coming off a stomach virus. here's the highlight. south carolina running back runs 75 yards for the touchdown. he finishes with 115 yards and the gamecocks go on to win that 27-10. >>> to nashville for ole miss and vanderbilt. vandy up three. on le miss has a late touchdown. they win 39-35. okay so to baseball now. the a's were u67 4 on the tigers in the bottom of the ninth when torii hunter comes to the plate. >> swing and a high drive into deep left center-field. that ball is gone! it's a walkoff home run for t i tori. >> check out what happened in the post-game interview, though. >> try to get out the park. >> oh, here we go. >> it actually feels good. >> that's awesome. you see there hunter gets gumbled, side steps r takes the bath. he took it like a man. >>> let's get a check on your weather. so that looked good. >> i would rather get gatoraded than gum balled. >> that's a good point. let's talk about who will get
Aug 27, 2013 9:30am PDT
, very cute. this is gracie, and she is at a concert fund-raiser in south carolina. the band playing is party on the moon, and they called her up on stage so they could serenade her to bruno mars' just the way you are. the song starts playing and generally when kids are put on the spotlight they get really shy, right? not gracie. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> she immediately starts breaking into dance as the song is playing. just busting some moves. >> this looks choreographed, too. >> doesn't it? i hate to break it to party on the moon, she stole the show. >> who cares about the lead singer of the band, she's the star. >> everybody was into it. listen to the crowd. we wanted to know more so we reached out via skype right this minute we have gracie all the way from south carolina. so you are not shy at all? >> not really. >> gracie, what made you decide to just bust a move up there? >> it's boring sitting in this chair. you need to do something. >> why did they invite you on stage? >> well, there was this boy dancing on there at first and i thought that wasn't fair so i went up there and broke out
Aug 13, 2013 2:00am PDT
adoptive parents in south carolina and her father in oklahoma. dustin brown turned himself into police after refusing to return the 3-year-old to the south carolina family that raised her from birth. several courts, including the supreme court says he has no legal right to keep the girl. he said he wants veronica to stay with him. >> i'm going to fight until i have no fight left in me and they say you can't fight no more. i mean, this is my daughter. it's not a yo-yo that i can say hey, i borrowed it for two years, here it is back. this is a living, human being. this is a life that is happy where she's at. to, you know, take her from us is going to be very detrimental to her. it's like ripping her heart out. she's a very, you know, happy child with us. >> in a statement to cnn, a lawyer appointed to represent veronica rights due protection of her rights and interests as a child and indian child. veronica has her own words and thoughts. she has her own voice. it is time she is heard because it is, after all, veronica's life. this is very tough. she was taken away from her adoptive paren
Aug 15, 2013 5:00pm PDT
to get their little girl back and hope to bring her from oklahoma to south carolina and all they found is more stone walling and the stand off continues. big news we spoke to the attorney for dustin brown, the biological father and he said he's offering a face-to-face meeting with the veronica and the couple. the couple have not committed and said yes. they want to know where it is and the circumstances. they don't want dustin brown but one on one time with veronica. i said does this mean he's willing to hand over custody to the couple? he said absolutely not. the attorney says he'll take to the the oklahoma courts. he'll fight it tooth and nail to the end. this is about letting them see her again, get reacquainted, say hello and spend time. he said there are a lot of steps that need to be taken if, he said if, anderson, if she's ever going to be handed back over to the couple. >> the supreme court ruled on this. can law enforcement move it along and return her to the adopted parents? >> reporter: that's what we wanted to know. we interviewed the sheriff and said if the couple has any
FOX News
Aug 5, 2013 1:00pm PDT
. what's your policy? >> neil: there's a rhino in big trouble. i'm not sure south carolina senator lindsey graham would call himself a republican but he is facing a big challenge. a fellow republican said she has had it with business as usual republicans so is challenging one of the senate's biggest republicans. the first woman to graduate from the citadel. giving lindsey hell. we did reach out to senator graham who is traveling so hopefully he will soon be here himself, but going upstream to challenge the mainstream, you're not the first obviously. this is a big trend now among a does republicans who are facing in one way shape or form intraparty challenges. what's going on here? >> well, thank you, neil, for having me on your program this afternoon. this weekend i made the announcement i would run for the united states senate in series and my home town, and i was honored do it there. the decision to run for the united states senate is a big one. it's serious business. but what i have done over the last couple of weeks and months is talk to people across south carolina. and i've h
Aug 31, 2013 1:00pm EDT
georgia and tennessee and south carolina. the biggest problem in pennsylvania is that nobody there is fighting the really ludicrous claims being made by the left that there are huge numbers of people without id. that is simply not the case. and i've written a number of papers for heritage that point out the complete fallacy of that claim. anybody else? >> yes, there's a lady over here. >> hi, my name's emily, i go the university of dallas. how do you respond to the claim that these voter id laws make it very difficult more people to vote? for example, you know, people who make the argument that they don't have id. >> right. that is a fallacy and a myth perpetuated by the left. and i, i don't say that as an opinion, i say that from facts. i've written a number of papers for heritage which are on our web site where i went and i got the turn data from past elections data. georgia's photo id law first became effective in the 2008 presidential election. and contrary to the claims that have been made that this is intended to suppress the vote, particularly minority voters, black vo
Aug 12, 2013 5:30pm PDT
. >> reporter: since then a south carolina court has finalized veronica's adoption. authorities there have charged brown with custodial interference for failing to appear with veronica at a court- ordered meeting a week ago. brown surrendered to oklahoma authorities this morning. what would you say to dustin brown? nd i guess that i understand where he's at. because i was there. she's not coming to strangers. she knows us. we love her. we're going to take good care of her. so, please, let's try and get along and do what's right for her. >> reporter: dustin brown is free on bail. veronica is being cared for by brown's wife and his parents in oklahoma. scott, the capobiancos have appealed to federal and state authorities to help bring their daughter back to south carolina. >> pelley: elaine, thanks very elaine, thanks very much. the solution to california's traffic headaches may not be a pill but a capsule. that story is coming up. is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health erns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. with 7 antioxidants to suppo
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 849 (some duplicates have been removed)